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All the information in the world is useless unless it helps us to improve our daily life.

Hello dear English speaking being,

you might be interested in working with me, if you’ve got any questions or strange issues concerning practical everyday life including business and your soul journey you can’t cope with by overthinking – and if you are open minded enough to be able to enjoying a session of any kind I’m able to guide with me.

„Anke Eva invited me into her space warmly and openly.  I felt comfortable to share deep wounds from my life and bring that vulnerability into the session.  Anke Eva balances guidance and freedom, giving space for curiosity and the unknown.  She held the space wonderfully to allow me to find my own insights and connections and offer her own.”

M. QHHT Session

That’s why I made this short video for you, telling you what I’ve got to offer. 

That’s me, Anke Eva in April 2022. I’m working with the knowing field, which is also called the cloud, morphic field, Akashic Records, Quantum Field, …since 2008 and know a few different techniques to connect and communicate with it.

If you like to book a private Session ( on the phone or via Zoom, ( 180 €/ hour ), feel free to send me an e-mail

If you like to learn that technique ( 160 €/ hour) or to celebrate a QHHT session ( 420 € for 3-4 hours at my place in Munich / Schwabing, send me an e-mail, too and we shall arrange that !

It’s common to pay me right after the session, easy to do via    

I’m looking forward to speaking to you soon! warm regards, Anke Eva